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Title: Property Sketches - Page 149 : : From surveys made under the direction of C. R. Allen
Date Created:
Date Issued: 1880
Name: Allen, C. R.
Abstract: Sketches of various locations across Prince Edward Island including Wellington (Lot 16), Alberton, West Point (Lot 8), Bloomfield (Lot 5), Ellerslie, and West Devon (Lot 10). Sketches include the residences and property of J. L. Goodwin (Wellington Hotel), John K. Crawford, Hon. R. B. Reid (Rose Cottage), Hugh Hunter, John Barlow (Wellington Mills), Isaac Wortman, Edw. C. Ellis (Ellerslie Railway Hotel), Jos. Powe (West Devon House), and Humphrey Gorrill (residence and mill).
Identifier: 214552
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Country: Canada
Province: Prince Edward Island
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Physical Location: Robertson Library, University of Prince Edward Island