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Title: Plan of Lots 33 & 34 : : Queens Co., P.E.I.
Date Created:
Date Issued: 1880
Name: Allen, C. R.
Abstract: The map shows lots 33 (coloured in blue) & 34 (coloured in pink) in Queens county. The map shows roads, railroads and stations, landowners and acreage, farms, post offices, churches, hotels, rivers, gulfs, bays, ponds, fishing holes, and sand. Graphic compass.
Identifier: 214552
Physical Description
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  • Scale: 40 chains to one inch
Topic: Lots
Topic: Coastal Areas
Country: Canada
Province: Prince Edward Island
County: Prince
Region/Lot: Lot 33
Region/Lot: Lot 34
City: Winsloe
City: Charlottetown
City: Brackely Point
City: Marshfield
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Physical Location: Robertson Library, University of Prince Edward Island