Island Imagined



Title: Map of the Island of St. John in the Gulf of St. Laurence : : Divided into Coutnies and Parines and the Lots, as granted by the Government. to which are added the Soundings round the Coast & Harbours, Improv'd from the late Survey of Captain Holland.
Date Created: 17750406
Name: Captain Holland
Abstract: The map shows the province of Prince Edward Island, but known to this map as St. John, and its counties. Shown are bodies of water, lots, cities, towns. roads, buildings, and Islands.
Identifier: IsldStJohn-Macnutt
Physical Description
  • 63.5x34.5 cm; inset 18x3.5cm
  • Engraved.
  • engraved map
  • The map has an inset map of the islands and provinces around 'St. John' Island along with two tables: The Contents of the Refpective Divisions of the Island of St. John, and A List of Lots and Proprietors Names.
  • Scale: scale in miles
Continent: North America
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