Island Imagined



Title: British Colonies in North America
Name: Hughes, W.
Name: Hughes, W.
Name: Wray, A. H.
Name: Kernot, J.
Abstract: The map shows New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and parts of Ontario, Quebec and the United States. Newfoundland is shown at the same scale in an inset in the upper left corner. Rivers and coastal features are extensively labelled. Elevation is shown with hachures. A table to the left of Nova Scotia provides the names of the province's numbered counties. The map has four (4) illustrations: "Cod Fishing" in the Newfoundland inset in the upper left corner; "Quebec" just below the title; "War Council of Indian Warriors" in the lower right corner; and "The Sledge" at the lower left. Latitude and longitude (measured from Greenwich) are marked around the edges of the map. There is a line scale of English miles in the upper right corner and a decorative border. The map was drawn and engraved by W. Hughes; the illustrations were drawn by A. H. Wray and engraved by J. Kernot. James W. Macnutt Collection.
Identifier: HF.96.1.17
Physical Description
  • 1 main map with 1 inset: main map is 30 x 21 cm.; inset map is 10.5 x 10 cm. (Paper size unknown because map is inside frame.)
  • Engraved
  • Engraved map on paper, framed, under glass.
Country: Canada
Province: New Brunswick
Province: Newfoundland
Province: Nova Scotia
Province: Prince Edward Island
Province: Ontario
Province: Quebec
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