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Title: Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia and New Brunswick : : Prince, Queens and Kings Counties, P.E.I. portions of Kent, Westmoreland, and Albert Counties, N.B., portions of Cumberland, Colchester, Pictou, and Antigonish Counties, N.S., Magdalen Islands, Quebec.
Date Created: 1940
Name: Hydrographic and Map Service
Abstract: Prince, Queens and Kings Counties, Prince Edward Island, portions of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Magdalen Islands. It marks counties, parishes, cities, towns, and villages, beaches, marshes, Lots, railways, canals, roads, portages, rapids, falls, Indian reserves, lighthouses, elevations, and depth of water. Date of map: 1940, reproduced without revision from base map of 1931.
Identifier: Map23
Physical Description
  • 35 x 18cm
  • engraved
  • Framed.
  • Counties are highlighted on the boarder with blue, yellow and red. Large settlements are highlighted with lines. Lots have acreages noted.
  • Scale: 3.95 miles/inch
Topic: Roads
Topic: Coastal Areas
Country: Canada
Province: Prince Edward Island
Province: Nova Scotia
Province: New Brunswick
Province: Quebec
County: Prince
County: Queens
County: Kings
County: Kent
County: Westmoreland
County: Albert
County: Cumberland
County: Colchester
County: Pictou
County: Antigonish
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