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Title: Montague Bridge P.E.I.
Date Created: 188810
Date Issued: 1888
Name: Chas. E. Goad
Name: Chas. E. Goad, Civil Engineer
Abstract: This is a fire insurance plan of the village of Montague Bridge consisting of two (2) maps--one for each side of the Montague River. It was created in 1888 and revised to 1910. The map on the left side of the page shows an area of town north of the river; the map on the right shows an area south of the river. A key plan at the top provides context. The maps show the town divided into numbered portions. They show buildings with numbers assigned to them, and they give the height of each building in storeys. The buildings are colour-coded according to construction materials and/or use. A key in the middle of the page explains the colour coding and the symbols, which are used to depict architectural features. Labels on some buildings indicate their use. The Montague River is outlined in blue. The maps show street widths measured in feet. Text information states the community has "no appliance" in terms of firefighting resources. The maps and the key plan have compasses with north arrows. There is a line scale in feet.
Identifier: 4458_s6
Physical Description
  • 2 maps on 1 page (page size is 53 x 62): col.; Map of north Montague: 30 x 62 cm. (irregular); Map of south Montague: 25 x 62 cm. (irregular).
  • Paper on cloth backing. The plan has paper sections glued onto the original for the purpose of adding revisions. The plan is a page bound into the book of Prince Edward Island fire insurance maps issued by Chas. E. Goad.
  • Scale: Maps: 50 feet/inch. Key plan: 500 feet/inch.
Topic: Towns and Villages
Country: Canada
Province: Prince Edward Island
County: Kings
Region/Lot: Lot 52
Region/Lot: Lot 59
City: Montague
City Section: Main Street area
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