Island Imagined



Title: Plan of Township 30
Abstract: Plan of Lot 30 (No.82). Stewart Estate. Shows names of residents.
Identifier: 0065
Physical Description
  • 1 map: col.; 41.5 x 125 cm.
  • manuscript
  • Back of map: Lot 30 No. 82 Stewart Estate
  • Paper map on cloth backing. Paper is cracked, peeling away from cloth in places. Pieces are missing, most notably from an area measuring approx. 6 x 10 cm in the lower, right quadrant. Data has been lost.
  • The map shows land parcels with the names of owners or occupants and their corresponding numbers of acres handwritten in ink or sometimes pencil. Deed and registry numbers appear on the parcels, usually in red ink. Bodies of water, which include Northumberland Strait, Howell's Brook and the Elliot or West River, are outlined in blue. Roads are shown in yellow/orange. Compass rose with north and magnetic north arrows showing variation for 1764.
  • Scale: 20 chains/inch
Topic: Lots
Topic: Rivers
Topic: Coastal Areas
Country: Canada
Province: Prince Edward Island
County: Queens
Region/Lot: Lot 30
City: Bonshaw
City: Argyle Shore
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