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Title: Plan of Township No. 29 : : embracing the Fane and Melville Estates – 1883
Date Created: 1883
Abstract: Plan of Lot 29 (No.80). Fane and Melville Estates.
Identifier: 0059
Physical Description
  • 1 map (rolled): col.; 50 x 104.7 cm.
  • manuscript
  • Lot 29 No. 80 Fane & Melville Estate
  • Paper map on fabric backing. Paper cracked in places. A piece containing data, approx. 4 cm x 3 cm, has fallen off from upper left quadrant. Map has been taped.
  • Hand written names and acreage amounts in black and red ink. Other numerical figures written in red ink on each sub-lot. Roads drawn in yellow. Water features, which include the Dundas River (now Desable River), outlined in blue. Map shows Lot 29 divided into two estates, Fane and Melville. The western estate is outlined with beige/brown; the eastern estate is outlined with green. Compass rose with north and magnetic north arrows, variation shown for 1764.
Topic: Lots
Topic: Coastal Areas
Country: Canada
Province: Prince Edward Island
County: Queens
Region/Lot: Lot 29
City: Victoria
City: Crapaud
City: Hampton
City: Kellys Cross
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